About us

At Market Access we support business exports and international expansion, building, always by your side, a pathway for success in the global market. We were created in 2005, with a strong presence in Europe, China, Japan and Mozambique. Over the past thirteen years, we have expanded our business activity over five continents.

Today, we operate in 50 countries and have already supported over 500 businesses since our company was founded.

About Us

The Market Access project began 13 years ago with the aim of supporting businesses in international markets. We consider ourselves to be the only Portuguese company which is exclusively focused on international business consultancy. 

Today, we operate in 50 countries and have already supported over 500 businesses since our company was founded. 

We have a presence in 5 continents with experienced and highly qualified local teams, well suited to practical tasks on the ground and committed to achieving the best results. We design and adapt our work according to the needs of each of our clients.

Mission and Values

With 13 years of experience in international business, we aim to be a company of repute on a global scale in international consultancy and advising. Our goal is to continue to promote business relations between countries, increasing competitiveness of companies. 

Client Satisfaction 
We identify, evaluate and meet the needs of our clients, offering solutions that are suitable and innovative and which promote higher added value. 

Ethics and Confidentiality
We, as a company, are committed to the highest ethical standards, guaranteeing absolute confidentiality to all of our clients and partners and carrying out our activity with complete sobriety and discretion. 

Continuous improvement 
We aim to constantly improve our business procedures, improving the effectiveness of all of our activity and thinking of changes as opportunities. 

Appreciation of our International Network 
We have a work culture where creativity, responsibility, team work, independence, versatility, skills development, knowledge sharing, communication and information are all valued and encouraged, in an environment of respect, motivation, openness, dialogue, precision and discipline. 

We implement and support a Management System, designed to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s performance. 

We are constantly developing new technologies as well as new solutions which are increasingly better suited for the current and future needs of our clients and markets. 

We have created and continue to maintain a balanced relationship between our shareholders, collaborators, partners, clients and suppliers, in order to guarantee economic sustainability and social responsibility. 

We guarantee equality of opportunities and of treatment and do not tolerate any form of discrimination, which also extends to our international partners.


Rua da Lionesa, Centro Empresarial Lionesa, C6 
4465-671 Matosinhos | Portugal 
tel: + 351 229 957 766
Email: info@marketaccess-global.com