Healsi awarded with the silver trophy

The mineral water was awarded in Paris at the prestigious Gourmet Waters 2018, an international contest organized by AVPA.

Healsi received the silver trophy in the category of smooth and medium waters at the Gourmet Waters International Contest 2018, an event organized in Paris by AVPA – an agency for the strengthening of agricultural products. This contest is a global point of reference for the mineral water industry.

Producers from all over the world gathered in Paris to receive the prizes, distributed in 6 different categories – 3 for smooth waters and 3 for sparkling waters. Overall, 75 waters were examined by specialized juries, tasters, chiefs and amateurs.

Healsi has a rare composition with a high concentration of silica and a neutral pH, which makes it a differentiated water. Its sophisticated and innovative image, materialized in a diamond-shaped package, also contributes to reinforce its premium positioning.