Sports organizations from the 5 continents visit Portugal

The second stage of the international project to promote the national High-Performance Sports Centers is underway.

As we have previously specified, an international project is underway to promote the Portuguese High-Performance Centers (HPC) to sports entities and opinion makers from 10 countries with high potential. The project results from the need to direct the activity of national HPC to external markets, in order to promote their viability and economic and financial profitability.

Concluded the first stage – which covered a wide range of meetings with relevant entities in 10 countries of the 5 continents, such as sports federations, Olympic and Paralympic committees, clubs, governmental entities, universities and other interested private agents in the sports phenomenon – the second one has recently got underway in the form of two roadshows, in which representatives of the entities visited before had the possibility to get to know each one of the Portuguese HPC.

The project, which is under the responsibility of the Portuguese Sports Foundation and counts on Market Access’s know-how, has as its final goal to deepen and protocol medium and long-term international collaboration opportunities, in addition to promoting each of the infrastructures. The target countries for the project are Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Angola, China, Brazil, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Sweden and Russia.

Photo: Fundação do Desporto